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Client Side Encryption

This workshop demonstrates client side encryption

Let's do some client side encryption

Open the Cloud9 IDE environment called workshop-environment and navigate to the data-protection/usecase-2 directory. Follow the steps below:

1. Run the module named

  • You should see "KMS Master Key with alias name kms_key_cse_usecase_3 successfully created" printed in the runner window pane below.
  • This python module will create a KMS master key with the key alias kms_key_cse_usecase_2
  • Browse to the KMS console and you should find the key alias kms_key_cse_usecase_2 under customer managed keys

2. Run the python module .

  • The runner pane should print "Module run was successful !!"
  • You will find a file called plaintext_u.txt which is the plaintext unencrypted file
  • The module encrypts the plaintext_u.txt file
  • The encrypted file is created and is called encrypted_e.txt
  • You should see "Module run was successful" printed in the runner window pane below

3. Check the decrypted file

  • The encrypted file encrypted_e.txt is then decrypted
  • The decrypted file is called plaintext_u_cycled.txt

4. Check whether the encryption and decryption process was successful

  • Check whether theplaintext_u.txt and plaintext_u_cycled.txt have the same content
  • This indicates that the client side encryption and then decryption was successful

5. Wait for 2 minutes and then Run the python module

  • The is checking for whether a GenerateDataKey API call was logged by cloudtrail and this event was then sent to a cloudwatch event rule.
  • If all things go well, you should see "GenerateDataKey API Called" in the runner window below. If you don'things see this print wait for a minute and try again

6. Run the python module

  • You should see Cleanup Successful printed in the runner window pane below
  • This modules deletes the kms key and it's alias that we created in .It also deletes all the files that were created in the usecase-2 folder
  • Please remember that every time you run ,if you want to re-run this uecase, you will have to start from Step 1

Some questions to think about :

  • Why do we wait for 2 minutes in Step 5 ?